Benefits of Footbeds

Many Australians (70%) have issues where their arches collapse and ankles pronate (collapse inwards) which can cause knee strain and lower back problems, which could be linked to our culture of wearing thongs and unsupported shoes.

A correct footbed in a ski or snowboard boot serves many important functions. It distributes pressure evenly over the entire foot, quickening edge response and enhancing comfort. When most people who pronate flex forward their arches collapse, which causes your ankle position to change giving you movement inside your boot.

By having a pre fabricated footbed or a custom footbed in your boots, they support your arch and positions your foot into a neutral or near neutral position allowing the ankle to move in a more biometrically correct motion which will eliminates the feeling of looseness in the ankle pocket of your boots which is not always the fault of the boot, but the stability of your ankle. By eliminating this movement you will have a increase in performance by allowing the boot to react faster.

When sizing you we will do an analysis and sizing of your foot while weighted and unweighted. When an arch collapses it will also generally increase the size of a foot. By supporting your foot you may be able to get into a smaller shell size increasing performance, comfort by reducing movement in the boot. For skiers having supported the foot in a neutral position, it will give you even pressure on each side of the boot and then transferring to your skis to stop “hookiness” where you apply too much pressure to a certain edge when trying to apply even pressure.

Even if you don’t experience pain with stock footbed’s in your boot, having uniform support under your entire foot rather than contacting the bottom of the boot with only the ball and heel of your foot will redefine your notion of control and which is a must for all-day comfort.


The two main types of footbed’s we offer are: 

Cut-To-Fit Footbeds
Superfeet are one of the leading manufacturers offering a diverse product range. These beds are made off a generic foots shape, which will work for a large amount of people but may however not offer enough support for your feet or may offer too much support, which will increase pain under the arches or the balls of feet. In the analysis of your feet we will work out if this option is something that will improve the fit of your boots. They are the most affordable solution to increase the performance and comfort of a fit.

Custom Footbeds
Custom footbed are a footbed that is formed to the shape of your foot and offers the ultimate solution for a boot. This is going to be the best option for people who have very high or very low arch, or one that is very long or short, as well as those with severe pronation problems as discussed before which may result in pain on the inner ankle bone. Custom footbed require you to come in store as we must heat form the bed in our store.

Fully custom footbeds involve a custom moldable base that’s first formed to the user’s foot, then further supported by adding layers of foam underneath and then sanded or ground to match the contours of your bootboard and boot shell. This is what is referred to as a “posted” footbed. Though they are not cheap it is often the we the best option for people that have large arches and people that pronate a lot or want the ultimate fit.
Keep in mind that there will likely be a break-in period for any new footbed. If you haven’t been using footbeds in your ski or snowboard boots, you will most likely feel that it feel a lot different to normal and you may find the pressure under your arch uncomfortable at first if you don’t normally wear them in your shoes. It takes time for your foot to become accustom to the support.



Can I use the orthotics my podiatrist made for my normal shoes in my ski or snowboard boots? Some people do, although hard orthotics (especially half length) can be uncomfortable in hard bottomed ski boots and are often to hard. Ski-specific footbeds offer the same sort of custom support along with some flex in them because when your pushing a big turn at high speed you are applying a lot more g’s through your feet than when you are running. Also orthotics are meant to be corrective, while ski/snowboard custom footbeds offer support and balance rather than correcting an issue.

Can I swap the footbeds I’m using in my old boots over to the new ones?  YES. Bring them in so we can look at them, as long as they are physically intact and still offer adequate support you would be able to use them.

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