How To Wash Your Snow Gear Outerwear

How To Wash Your Snow Gear Outerwear

Rule of Thumb - If it doesn't really need washing, try to avoid it. Sponge off marks rather than wash instinctively 

Most waterproof outdoor clothing, footwear and gear has a special coating of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) which causes water to bead up on the surface. When functioning correctly, it prevents water from entering while allowing moisture vapour (sweat) to escape. When dirt and other contaminants degrade the DWR, the material can start to soak up water, reducing breathability and causing it to ‘wet out’. Regularly cleaning and waterproofing is vital to ensure you get years of use from your outdoor gear.

Tech Wash

The No.1 easy-to-use, safe, high-performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment. Cleans effectively, reviving breathability and water repellency.

Great for cleaning:

  • Waterproof breathable clothing
  • Synthetic sleeping bags
  • Tents and packs

Waterproof Wax for Leather

Water-based waterproofing cream for smooth leather footwear. High performance waterproofing that can be applied to wet or dry leather giving immediate protection.

Great for waterproofing:

    • Leather Snow Mitts or Gloves
  • For best results clean Leather Item 

    • Shake well before use.
    • Rub the wax thoroughly into wet or dry clean leather, using either the sponge applicator or your fingers, paying special attention to seams.
    • Remove any excess with a cloth and buff to a shine.

    Note: May darken leather. Test on a hidden area first. Waterproofing Wax for Leather™ will convert nubuck to a smooth waxy finish.

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