Professional Workshop - Tuning Prices Skis and Snowboards

FULL Ski or Snowboard TUNE - $99 

EDGE & WAX Ski or Snowboard- $55

HOT WAX - $30 

BASE PATCHES - Subject to Quotation

DE-LAMINATIONS - Subject to Quotation

EDGE REPAIRS - Subject to Quotation

TOP SHEET REPAIRS - Subject to Quotation 

Please don’t hesitate to bring your board or skis in for a full quote on repairs - best to remove Snow Board bindings if possible



Binding Mount (Drilling) - $120. FREE when you purchase your skis from us

Binding Mount (integrated) - $60

Binding Adjustment - $20


Binding Mount + Adjustment - $40

Binding Mount - $20 

Our workshop has a full professional set up to bring out the best in your ride.

Trained experienced technicians will only work on your equipment

What is Ski Tuning?

Ski tuning is an important step in maintaining your ski equipment so it performs its best for as long as possible. It includes a basic wax and edge sharpen or could include a more rigorous process for alpine ski tuning like a ski base grind or stone grind.