Benefits of Footbeds

Certified Boot fitters worldwide will always recommend a stabilising footbed as it is an integral part of your boots. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an add on sale. Most of the population have issues with the stability of their ankle joints and arches which can lead to cramping, pain, and pressure points in your boots.

As everybody’s arches are different, boot manufacturers are unable to put in supportive footbeds. If support was put in at manufacturing and it was inappropriate it can cause discomfort/pain. That is why the footbed that comes standard in boots offers little to no support. Boot manufactures recommend boot fitters offer a solution based on your individual foot and arch profile.

Even if you don’t experience pain or fatigue in your feet with stock footbed’s in your boot, adding a footbed to stabilise your individual foot has many functions. Having uniform contact under your entire foot rather than contacting the bottom of the boot with only the forefoot and heel will redefine your notion of control and is a must for all-day comfort.
Below shows how a footbed can align the foot within a ski boot.


Footbeds stabilise the entire foot for enhanced comfort. The most common problem with people’s feet is that they pronate when flexing forward, their arches collapse which causes their position to change giving them movement inside their boots. Movement = rubbing = blisters = sore feet. A footbed reduces or eliminates this movement. Some issues that can be contributed to but not limited to is navicular bone, sixth toe and ankle bone pressure. It also helps with tendon and muscle fatigue. Better circulation and warmer feet and an increase in performance allowing the boot to react faster, plus many more benefits.

When we do the analysis and sizing of your foot whilst weighted and unweighted when your arch collapses it will also generally increase the size and width of your foot. By stabilising your foot, you may be able to get into a smaller shell size increasing performance, comfort by reducing movement in the boot. For skiers having stabilised the foot in a sub neutral position, it will give you even pressure on the entire length of the boot allowing more precise and even pressure transferring through to your edges. 

The two main types of footbed’s we offer are: 

Cut-To-Fit Footbeds
We use the leading manufacturers of both ski and snowboard boot drop in footbeds. This gives us a great variety to suit a large amount of feet and arches.
In the analysis of your feet the boot fitter will work out the best option in footbeds to suit your arch that will improve the fit and comfort of your boots.
In some cases, drop in footbeds may not offer adequate support for your feet. In this case a custom footbed would be recommended.

Custom Footbeds
Custom footbeds offer skiers the ultimate in comfort and performance on the slopes. The process begins with a thorough assessment of your feet, considering factors such as arch shape, foot length, and alignment. After this assessment, we create a mold of your feet, which becomes the basis for crafting your custom footbeds. To ensure a perfect fit, its necessary to visit our store for the heat-forming process, and we kindly ask that you make an appointment for this purpose.

Fully custom footbeds involve a custom base that’s first moulded to the user’s foot, and in the majority of cases is then supported by adding layers of foam underneath it. Then it is ground to match the contours of your boot board and shell. This is what is referred to as a “posted” footbed.

The benefits of custom footbeds for ski boots are significant. First and foremost, they offer unmatched comfort by providing optimal support to your feet, distributing pressure evenly, and reducing the risk of painful pressure points or hot spots. This enhanced comfort translates into longer, more enjoyable days on the mountain. Additionally, custom footbeds improve skiing performance by promoting better alignment of your feet and ankles. This can lead to more precise control over your skis, better edge grip, and enhanced responsiveness in your movements.

Custom footbeds are the best solution for people with severe pronation problems which may result in pain on the inner ankle bone before been fitted with a correct footbed.
Keep in mind that there will likely be a break-in period for any new footbed. If you haven’t been using footbeds in your ski or snowboard boots or your normal shoes, you will most likely feel a big difference to normal and you may find the pressure under your arch unusual at first. It takes time for your foot to become accustomed to the support.


Some people do, although hard orthotics (especially half-length or full-length orthotics made with fibreglass) can be uncomfortable in boots and are often too hard and dense. A single density full length footbed is preferred as we see less issues with these in your boots as they are closer in design to snow specific footbeds. Ski-specific footbeds offer the same sort of custom support along with some flex in them.

YES. Bring them in so we can look at them, as long as they are physically intact and still offer adequate support you would be able to use them.

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