Should I buy my own snow boots?  Maybe....

Should I buy my own snow boots? Maybe....

SKI BOOT MYTH: Ski boots are supposed to be excruciatingly tight and uncomfortable!

Good turns comes down to control of your skies, your feet are in charge and they need a comfortable, well fitted boot to guide those skis.

When to purchase your own boots?  - you have now have fallen in love with skiing. Time to purchase your very own custom fitted ski boots

It should be your first major gear purchase.  Like tyres on your car, the contact with the snow come from control and precision.

It can be an expense yes,  you may want to buy the cutest latest Gore Tex Jacket on the market to keep up with everyone.  Think of it as - your comfort must come first, a bad day in rental boots can be very expensive as well.  Your have paid for the hire, but you can only spend 2hrs per time in them.  Site down, have a $9 coffee/beer. Bang half your day has gone!

SX Snow boot fitters have been in the industry for many years and are passionate about the trade. 

Custom fit boots will open your mind to a whole new world of pain free comfortable skiing / snowboarding

At SX Snow, we take great pride in our exceptional ski boot fitting services. Our team of expert boot fitters are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure your comfort while conquering the mountain. With a meticulous evaluation of your feet, legs, and skiing/boarding proficiency, we are dedicated to finding the ideal boot fit for you. 

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