How Important is Waxing Your Snowboard or Skis

How Important is Waxing Your Snowboard or Skis

Now, why all the fuss about waxing? It's like giving your skis a spa day, keeping them in top-notch condition for that buttery glide on the snow.  Click here to view our workshop prices

Waxing fills in those tiny base pores, avoids wax overload, and boosts your ski or board performance. Hot waxing ensures you zip along faster, especially on those pesky flat stretches. Get ready for smoother turns and a grip like never before!

You’ll also benefit from more controlled turns and better edge grip.

Snowboard Wax

Diverse wax types suit various snow conditions, so having a few different types of wax on hand is advantageous. Your local ski shop carries wax for cold temps, warmer temps, and all-season use. Grab a block of each so you’re set for any condition. If you ski or ride once a week or more, keeping a can of rub-on wax in your gear bag is also advised so you can lube up right before hitting the lift in between home-based wax sessions.


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