The A B C Terms of The Slopes

The A B C Terms of The Slopes

The A B C of Skiing


· Alpine Skiing – Downhill skiing with fixed boots fixed in bindings on skis


· Base – The main area at the bottom of the ski resort, or, overall depth of snow.

· Bowl –Large bowl shaped basin, free of trees .

· Backcountry – Also known as off-piste or out of bounds, backcountry is unmarked or unpatrolled skiable areas that require experience, knowledge, and additional snow equipment.

· Binding – The connecting factor of a boot to a ski or snowboard. Ski bindings are designed to release upon falling, whereas snowboard bindings do not.

· Brain Bucket - Ski or Snowboard Helmet.

· Bunny Slope – Relatively easy and flat skiable area, perfect for beginners. US Term

. Blood bucket - the slay that ski patrollers use to take you to first aid


· Carving – clean turns using the edge of ski or snowboard leaving clean lines and no spray.

· Corduroy – Ridges of snow caused by grooming machines. Bliss in the mornings


· Dump – Heavy snowfall of fresh powder, or the other one


· Edge – Metal strips found on the side of skis and snowboards, they should be sharp

. Elephant Snot - heavy heavy snow


· Fall line – Most direct and quickest route down a mountain, if you fall, the direction in which you’d be falling.

· First tracks – When a skier or snowboarder is the first to make tracks in the fresh snow.

· French fries – Some times used in teaching - Skiing with skis parallel to each other, opposite of pizza.


· Grooming – Common form of trail maintenance, often by snowcats dragging giant rakes over the snow.

Garage Sale - a crash in which a skier or snowboarders’ equipment is scattered across the slope.


· Hardpacked – Densely packed snow due to repeated grooming and lack of fresh snowfall. Not always plesant to ski


· Liftie- Ski lift operator.


· Magic carpet- Conveyor belt often found in beginner areas to assist beginner ski and snowboarders.

· Mashed potatoes – Wet and heavy snow.

· Milk run – The first ski run of the day.


· Off-piste – Out of bounds and backcountry skiable areas which are not marked on the trail map.

· On-piste- skiing on a trail or run, typically groomed, found on the trail map and patrolled.


· Pizza- Triangle shape you make for a snowplough, taught to beginner skiers.

· Piste – French word for ‘trail’.

· Powder – Ideal ski condition with a fresh dump of snow. What we all dream of


· Schuss- To ski down the slope without turning.

· Shovel – Front end of the ski or snowboard

· Ski Patrol – Trained skiers and snowboarders responsible for slope safety and first aid

· Skiers left – Left hand side of someone heading downhill.

· Skiers right – Right hand side of someone heading downhill.

· Ski-in-ski-out- An ideal location that allows skiers to ski in and out of their accommodation.

· Slush – Melted, wet snow.


· Tail – The back end of a ski.

· T-Bar – Surface lift that pulls you up the hill by sitting on a plastic T Shaped arm with your skis firmly on the ground.

· Traverse – Skiing across the mountain instead of turning down the mountain.

· Twin Tip – Ski’s where both the tail and tip are turned up at the end, allowing the skier to ski backwards.


· Vertical drop – Distance between the base of the mountain and its tallest point

. Value - SX Snow Shop


· Whiteout – Being unable to see clearly due to heavy snowfall or fog.

· Wax – Used on skis to maintain smooth glides over all different snow conditions.

· Wind Hold – Lifts stop operating as a result of high winds.


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