The technology behind Goggles

The technology behind Goggles

Anti fog coating is on the inside of the lens. The main causes of fogging is putting your goggles on top of your head, your head is holding a lot of heat. Try not to put your goggles on your helmet either, tucking in your facemask or even worse your gloves!

Lens types include, Spherical, Cylindrical, Toric etc, with technology now, there is no major benefit or downfall  between one or the other.

All of our goggles are are 100% UV protected. The higher the number the more light that comes through so better on snowy/low light days. The lower the number the less light comes through so better on sunny days

Anon - Cloudy/ Snowy days 55% -  85%

            Sunny.                      6% - 29%

Perceive lens - match the true colour seen on the snow with out highlighting red or blue tints. Amplif the definition and have a hydrophobic hard coating on the outside of the lens to protect from moisture and oils. Available on Anon Goggles

Chromopop is Smiths proprietary lens technology that allows your eyes to see true colour. This technology filters out distorted colour confusion that causes ey fatigue and vision distortion. These lenses will truly bring an amazing 'pop' of colour and enhance any outdoor experience through unmatched contrast.

Sonar technologies like Sonar lenses by ZEISS enhance contrast and clarity for the best definition possible, and are harnessed in the way that's developed for snow sports. Add a full spectrum of lens tines for precise optis in all conditions, Sonar lens are available in Giro Goggles

OTG - Over The Glass - these are designed to fit over the top of reading glasses

Try to always have your helmet with you when trying on new goggles. Unwanted gaps or pushing down on your nose can be avoided by this.

Our entry level goggles are Carve ($50 - $90) followed by Roxy / Quiksilver ($99 - $130)

Premium goggles are $300 + 

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