What Are The Best Snowboard or Ski Socks To Buy?

What Are The Best Snowboard or Ski Socks To Buy?

Merino blend is a natural fibre with very strong antimicrobial properties - yep less stink!

Merino is still the benchmark for technical fabrics, It still outperforms human made synthetic copies. It is a temperature regulator, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and odourless.

Flatlock Seams for comfort inside your boot, no red marks left from seams or sticking

Elastic cuffs - helps stop socks sagging and falling down

Compression - improves blood flow in the lower leg

Padding on shine and foot area is a great extra

For people with an allergy to wool Spyder brand is a great alternative - Buy Spyder Socks

best socks for skiing

Try to avoid full cotton as it holds moister - an extra chance of being cold

All Burton socks contain merino and are made in Italy

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best socks for snowboarding

All Le Bent socks contain a mixture of merino, bamboo and rayon. The rayon is soft like silk and has springiness like elastic in the bamboo plant.  Fibres are ultra fine, smooth and round so has no skin irritation. *People with Meriono irritations, don't tend to have irritations with this brand.

best socks for skiing le bent socks

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Try not to wear two pairs of socks as they bunch up and can leave you with bruising

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