What is Camber and Rocker?

What is Camber and Rocker?

Camber and Rocker determines your stability

Camber boards are for precision, pop, stability and powerful energy edge transitions to give you super responsive faster reaction

If you love the feeling of riding hard and fast a traditional camber is not forgiving and make edge catch more frequent for beginners.

So speed demons are happy and beginners be warned!

What does it look like?
When you look at a cambered boards side on, it has four contact points with the snow near the tip and the tail, and it arches up at the centre between the bindings.

Camber boards put more pressure on the contact points, giving more effective edge to touch the snow providing grip.


 Rocker these boards are softer, their ease of use is great for beginners. Great in slushy conditions, powder and in the terrain parks. They curve upwards at the nose and tip

They will provide less precision control in hard packed conditions


The upturned tip and tale provides a playful ride giving you extra float in powder.

It can be a little confusing when you’re trying to decide what kind of board to have. We’d recommend really thinking about what you want to use your board for. Are you going to be hitting big kickers or jibbing most of the time? Or do you just want something that’s an all-rounder? Once you’ve worked that out, then it should be easier to decide which kind of profile will suit your style of riding.



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