What Is The Correct Size Snowboard For Me?

What Is The Correct Size Snowboard For Me?

Picking the right size snowboard size depends on a number of factors, but a good starting point is your height and weight.

Riders who are taller/heavier should choose a longer snowboard, riders who are shorter/lighter should choose a shorter snowboard.

A good rule of thumb is that a board should come up to somewhere between your chin and your nose.

The next consideration should be your level of riding. Snowboards that are shorter tend to be easier to turn. This is because shorter snowboards have shorter edges that have less contact with the snow, so it is easier for the edges to release and let the board pivot at low speeds.

Snowboards that are longer have longer edges that have more contact with the snow and provide more grip and control when you are turning at higher speeds.

So beginners who are just learning to turn should go for a snowboard on the shorter end of the spectrum and riders who are more experienced and need more control at higher speed should go for a longer snowboard.

If you have large feet you might need to look at getting a wide snowboard

Men’s/Women’s Snowboard size chart

Snowboard width

When choosing a snowboard it’s not just the length of the board that is important. If your boots are longer than your board is wide then that means either your toe or your heel will likely be overhanging the edge of the board. A consequence of this is that you’ll get either heel or toe drag. This happens during turning when the board is put on its edge and either the toe of your boots with a heel makes contact with the snow normally resulting in you hitting the deck.

The charts below show which board width you should choose for the corresponding shoe size:

Mens Snowboard widths

Waste width mm Men’s US boot size Men’s EU boot size
Narrow 240-245 6-8 39-41
Regular 245-255 8-10.5 41-44
Mid-wide 255-265 10.5-12 44-46
wide 265+ 12+ 46+

Women’s Snowboard Widths

Waste width mm Women’s US boot size Women’s EU boot size
Narrow <235 <6 <39
Regular 235-245 6 – 8.5 39 – 41
wide 245+ 8.5+ 41+

Wrapping up

This guide hopes to layout and explain the factors which can influence what board you choose. All this may seem daunting, and a whole lot of information to take on board. But if you choose a board in the right ballpark, then you will probably be fine. In my experience when I get on a new board 9 times out of 10 I love it! After all it’s new, with nice new graphics, clean base and edges, and loads of pop.

Its only really when you swap boards on the same day of riding that you really start to get a feel for how these differences affect the ride.

Whatever board you’re on make sure you have fun!

Weight is more important than height when sizing up a snowboard. The heavier you are the more edge length you need to control your speed. Plus if you are going to be riding deep snow you need more surface area to create the float. Use our snowboard size calculator to find the right size for you.

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