What Should A Good Fitting Custom Ski Boot Feel Like?

What Should A Good Fitting Custom Ski Boot Feel Like?

The boot should feel like a firm handshake around your foot and lower leg. Understand that the boot should feel snug even a little tight but not painful.  You want to feel like you have been comfortably immobilised while in the boot. Don’t be worried if you feel your toes gently touching on the front of the boot – this is normal and the thing most people aren’t used to. Your toes should touch but not curl and you must be able to wiggle your toes around for circulation.

The boots need to hold your heel down inside the boot, but the boots are not designed to hold your heel when you are standing on your toes because your feet are stronger than the foam. When you are driving your knee forwards they should hold your ankle in place. If you have movement/rubbing when flexing, the boot isn’t holding you correctly and could cause blisters and will not give you the performance you need. If they are big in store they will be even bigger once you have used them on snow for a few days.

After Fitting

  • Wear your boots around home 2-3 times for 30mins flexing and standing in the boots, as this will help the boots to conform to your feet. Not sitting down watching TV.
  • A few hot spots in the boot to start with are quite normal and in the moulding process, these generally disappear after a few days skiing in them while the boots foam is moulding to your feet. If the problem persists, come in store and we will remedy it.
  • Snowboarders don’t rest your snowboard sharp edge against your boot as this will cut the boot and is not covered under warranty. Rest the back of the binding on your boot.
  • Allow up to 2-6 days or roughly 15 hours of skiing/riding for the liners to mould to your feet and settle in completely.
  • When driving up the mountain try to keep your boots warm by having them in the cabin of your car and not in the boot.
  • Always leave your boots done up when storing them as they will loose there shape if left unbuckled or unlaced.
  • Don’t put your boots next to the heater, as the shells/liners are heat mouldable and this will affect the fit of your boot especially if we have done shell modification. They will dry adequately on the opposite side of the room to the heater.
  • At the end of the trip you can remove the liner from your shell carefully, this will let any moisture which has seeped through into the shell evaporate.
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