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100% Snowcraft Goggle

100% Snowcraft Goggle

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The 100% Snowcraft goggle sets the benchmark for a premium performance snow goggle. Delivering utmost protection, visibility, and comfort for optimal performance on the mountain. The Snowcraft lens is compatible with the 100% Snowcraft XL goggle, taking the concept of ‘sharing your experience’ to the next level.

Lens: HiPER® Contrasting Lens Technology filters out certain color wavelengths to create more contrast. Includes two lenses, all condition/sun and low light lens.

Magnetic: Yes 8 Magnetic touch-points provide a secure fit while ensuring easy lens changing and unrivaled performance.

Magnetic: No, Flexible goggle frame.

Anti Fog coating: Yes, Dual Pane Anti-Fog Lens keeps your vision clear by regulating the temperature of the space between two lenses.

Additional Features:

  • OTG compatible — The goggle frame fits comfortably over Rx glasses, without compromising the fit, form, or function of the snow goggle.
  • Scratch and Impact Resistant Lens with hydro and oleophobic coatings keep your lens smudge, scratch, and moisture free.
  • High Altitude Lens Technology alleviates lens distortion by releasing pressure at higher altitudes.
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