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Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding

Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding

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Dynamic freestyle integration. Our softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial fiber Drive Plate allows you maximum freedom of movement in freestyle terrain and unrestrained flow in powder or smooth groomers. New to the LOGIC this year the dyadic construction Dual Band ankle strap and your choice between the cored out symmetric Love Handle or solid urethane highback.

  • Gender: Mens
  • Colour: Red
  • Riding Style: Freestyle/Park/All Mountain
  • Feel: Soft
  • Baseplate - The Logic features a Bi-Axial fiber Drive Plate, that provides strong edge to edge performance and freestyle flexibility. What differentiates Bent Metal bindings from a traditional binding is the interchangeable base plates, allowing you to modify the response of your binding based on the type of riding you will be doing.
  • Urethane Highback - The Highback on the Logic binding is made from soft Urethane that flexed with your boot for smooth response and more freestyle performance in all terrain.
  • The Cube - Fast and easy forward lean adjuster also provides urethane damping for a smoother ride
  • Pivot Disc - A reduced footprint provides truer board flex and in turn a more responsive ride.
  • Light Form Toe Strap
  • Power Construction Ankle Strap -  Lightweight structural performance core.
  • Forged Aluminium Buckles - Hardened for ultimate strength
  • Sizing: Medium 8-11 Large 11.5-14 USA
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