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Burton W25 Custom X Snowboard

Burton W25 Custom X Snowboard

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Pro-caliber is a strong statement for any board, but the men's Burton Custom X Snowboard repeatedly delivers for snowboarding's most demanding riders thanks to precise design and powerful drive. The hardest charging board we make, its carbon-fueled snap and twin flex inspire speed and the freedom to explore. The camber is dialed for powerful turns and poppy precision with weight distributed evenly across the entire board for continuous edge control from tip to tail.

Powerful and Precise
Our Camber Bend encourages powerful turns and poppy precision.

Lightweight and Full of Energy
The carbon-reinforced fiberglass core matrix creates a stiff, fine-tuned flex feel that's loaded with energy.

The Channel® Board Mount is compatible with all major bindings and lets you dial in the stance exactly the way you like it.

Behind The Graphic

Deep space. The final frontier. The ultimate ride. This season's Custom X ties it all together with a floating monolith-inspired graphic that explores the furthest reaches of space in search of the perfect line. Foil details and glowing ink change with the light and angle to make the imagery hum. Just like the boards aggressive flex brings every line to life.

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