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Therm-ic Cpack 1700 Battery and Element

Therm-ic Cpack 1700 Battery and Element

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 Each Therm-ic heated systems Set consists of a pair of heating elements and a pair of C-pack batteries for the best adjustment to one's insole.

Thanks to the Insole Heat Kit you can turn each pair of insoles into heated ones! The process is very simple: you just have to apply the two ultra-fine, resistant heating elements and the external adhesive covers as well, provided in the kit. Hereafter you will find the illustrated steps.

For this, you can change all types of insoles to a heated mode and adapt them easily to all kinds of shoes and boots because the textile material which covers the top of each insole can be cut off well according to the size of your own insoles. Heated insoles will therefore bring constant heat for immediate well-being and an optimal foot temperature up to 17 hours of warmth!

Of course, you must use your heated insoles with batteries compatible with the heating equipment. Only the C-Pack batteries from Therm-ic are aligned with the cables of the heating elements.

The Bluetooth© function of the batteries enables you to remote-control your heating via smartphone and the Thermic Heat Control App.

  • Two ultra-fine heating elements consisting of a round adhesive shape laying on the insole,
  • Two black adhesive tapes to cover the cable,
  • Two black self-adhesive covers to put on your insoles.


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