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Burton Mission Reflex 2024 Snowboard Bindings

Burton Mission Reflex 2024 Snowboard Bindings

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Pro-Grade Workhorse

Stop settling for less. Get the comfort and response your riding demands from the time-tested Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings. As the workhorse of Burton's lineup, these do-it-all bindings serve up pro-grade reliability to do it all. They've got the full cushioning to match for less fatigue and more riding.

  • Universal Compatibility Re:Flex baseplates are universally compatible with all major mounting systems.
  • Cushioned Comfort Re:Flex FullBED cushioning maximizes comfort and minimizes fatigue.
  • Adjustable Lean DialFLAD system lets you adjust the forward lean angle of the hi-back with the turn of dial.
  • Durability and Consistency

    Single-component baseplate, hi-back, and buckles are more durable and consistent in their response and feel.

  • Fully Adjustable Hi-Back

    Living Hinge Hi-Back reduces hardware and weight, allowing for independent adjustment of your forward lean and hi-back rotation.

  • Men's Binding to Snowboard Boot Size Chart

    Men's Binding to Snowboard Boot Size Chart
    Binding Size S M L
    Men's Boot Size 6-8 8-11 10+
    Women's Boot Size 5-9 9-11 11+
    EURO Boot Size 38-41 41-44 43+
    UK Boot Size 5-7 7-10 9+
    Mondo Boot Size 24-26 26-29 28+
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