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GNU Riders Choice 2024 Snowboard

GNU Riders Choice 2024 Snowboard

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From design to performance, GNU's riders had a heavy hand in this one. Asymmetry, slightly wider widths that rail and float combined with C2 Hybrid contours that pop, slide, carve and float. All are laminated into an eco-minded construction with poppy carbon built to blast and last. It's the best snowboard GNU have ever made and, hands down, the rider's choice. 

  • Core: Balsa/Aspen/Paulownia II/III: FSC certified, lightest, strong and poppy
  • Glass: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Fiber: Strong and poppy
  • Top: Eco-sublimated poly top; tough and environmentally nice
  • Base: Sintered Knife-cut, fast, tough and holds wax
  • Sidewalls: UHMW tough and fast

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