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Resuch Maxi Mitten Blue Yellow

Resuch Maxi Mitten Blue Yellow

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Reusch Maxi R-TEX XT Infants Mitten Dress Blue/Safety Yellow  – A very soft, waterproof and long-cuffed baby mitten with stopper system and a modern design language. The Softness of the glove will give your toddler good freedom of movement and when the little ones are warm and comfortable, everybody is happy.

Glove Size Gove Size Age Recom
I (infant) XS 1-2
2 (infant) S 2-3
3(infant) M 3-4
4 (infant) L 6-8
4 XXS 6-7
4.5 XS 7-8
5 S 8-9
5.5 M 9-10
6 L 10-12
6.5 XL 12-16
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