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Seirus Boot Masque

Seirus Boot Masque

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One of the most neglected areas of heat loss on a skier's body are the feet. Snow socks do exist but sometimes they just don't cut it, and you're left to just deal. But with a Seirus Boot Masque, you can give your foot that extra layer of insulation it needs on especially bitter cold days, or when powder is deep and your feet spend a lot of time covered in snow. They are Velcro adjustable to fit all boots, and the straps won't interfere with the boot-binding interface. Never suffer from cold toes again with a neoprene Boot Masque.

Tech Specs

  • Neoprene® weather protection for your cold ski toes
  • Velcro adjustable to fit all boots
  • Full coverage for toes and top of foot
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