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Volkl Mantra 88 Mens Ski

Volkl Mantra 88 Mens Ski

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Whatever your style of descent – piste or terrain – the Mantra 88 can do it.

The all-mountain freerider in state-of-the-art construction with an extremely wide range of use for experienced skiers who celebrate powerful turns in all terrain and on all slopes. The 2025 Volkl Mantra 88 comes with a different geometry and a centre radius shortened by one metre in the 3D Radius Sidecut. It is important to know that the three different radii combined in one ski generally ensure enormously versatile cornering characteristics.

The 16m radius in the centre increases the radius variability even more. Lovers of tight, fully edged, cut turns in particular will get their money's worth here. This allows for a particularly sporty, intuitive skiing style on groomed pistes, but also ensures the necessary manoeuvrability for better manoeuvrability in demanding terrain. Thanks to the shortened centre radius, less effort is also required. The Mantra 88 now also features Tailored Carbon Tips and a Tailored Titanal Frame, making it clear that riding fun is the Mantra's middle name.

The Tailored Titanal Frame, which is used on the Mantra, Secret, Kendo and Kenja, is a further development of the familiar Titanal frame. With this design, the width of the Titanal topsheet can be adapted to the length of the ski and the resulting torsional rigidity as well as the required damping behaviour for the skier. The proportion of Titanal is reduced for shorter ski lengths, so that smaller or lighter skiers can also get the most out of their skis with little effort.

The Mantra 88 is extremely versatile thanks to the Tailored Carbon Tips. The carbon fibres applied using the Tailored Fibre Placement process (TFP for short) allow optimum control of cornering behaviour. The thickness and orientation of the fibres define the required force and energy build-up exactly where it is needed. The agile blade retraction is a particularly positive feature. This means that the ski can be skied round the bend in a controlled and easy manner as soon as the turn is initiated. You could say you just think about changing direction and it's done. In addition, this construction enables a lower weight without any loss of stability.


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